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Authentic America Tours Alabama!

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Episode 2 of Authentic America found Nan and Charlie traveling to Fort Payne, Alabama where they toured the country super group Alabama's museum. As Luck would have it, Randy, Teddy and Jeff happened to be there themselves that day and gave the duo a personal tour of some of their favorite spots in the museum.

The place showcases not only their awards and memorabilia, but some of their instruments, equipment, stage clothes and even the van that they toured with back i

n the early days when they played the clubs of Murtle Beach, South Carolina. Even after all the hits and huge venues they played, the guys are firmly anchored in their roots and it was so fun to hear what meant the most to each of them - Randy's family photos from growing up, Jeff's first guitar that he purchased from a mail order catalog and Teddy's favorite picture of the band dressed up in borrowed clothes and headed play a talent contest...which they won by the way! At this point in their lives and career, they certainly have nothing to prove, but remain as humble and proud of their roots as anyone could be. Truly Alabama is a class act and the three principle members are true gentleman!

Nan and Charlie also made a rainy day stop at Unclaimed Baggage in Scottsboro, Alabama, where all the unclaimed baggage from the whole country eventually ends up! It's a great place to find some deals on some interesting stuff! The Wildflower Cafe in Mentone, Alabama is a unique place to grab some fantastic food! The owner, Katherine Moon, grows a lot of the herbs and spices she uses in her dishes right there on the property. Stop in and try the famous Tomato Pie. And finally, rider and writer, David Haynes took Nan and Charlie on a fantastic ride through the north Alabama mountains. David knows where to ride in the state because he wrote the book on it! Motorcycling Alabama: 50 Ride Loops through the Heart of Dixie, check it out and then head down south for some great, scenic riding.

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