Extra, Extra, Read All About....

Nothin'! We got nothin'! We wish we had some exciting news to share about some big doin's over here at Authentic America, but unfortunately we don't. We are in the same boat with all of you out there as we navigate the waters of Covid 19.

We had hoped to be out on the road shooting new episodes around early spring, but a couple things kept us here at home. The first and most obvious, was and still is, the Corona virus/global shutdown which closed virtually everything in America, making it impossible for us to visit the places we wanted to take you to on our travels. But, we are diligently planning the next twelve episodes during this down time and our research has uncovered some really interesting places that will have us traveling through Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, and across the panhandle of Florida. But we're always open to anything, so if you know of some lesser-known places, people or attractions in those states that the rest of the world should know about, drop us a line at info@authentic-america.com. We'd love to hear from you and would appreciate the tip! For now though, hang in there with us, we'll have new shows soon.

The second thing that has kept us home is something we've not talked about, mostly because it happened so fast. In January, Nan was diagnosed with a ping pong ball sized meningioma, which is a type of brain tumor. Ninety percent of these are benign and fortunately, this one was no different, but due to it's size and the swelling and pressure it was putting on her brain, it needed to be removed. So, on February 14th, for Valentines Day, I took her for a 3 day/3 night, all inclusive stay at Vanderbilt University Hospital here in Nashville.

The surgery went well and with the help of great friends who sat with me through the eight hour surgery.....

and our four-legged children who stayed by her side, Nan has made a full recovery. This picture was taken the week she got home and is an example of the true southern girl, because they always "fix" their hair for a photo! Somehow she managed to cover that strip of 27 staples that ran almost from ear to ear across the top of her head! If it had been me, they'd have shaved my whole head and I'd have ended up looking like Frankenstein! She even strapped a helmet on her head last week for the first time in months. We did about an hour ride before the helmet started to bother her scar a little bit. But I'd say that's pretty good - if you've watched the show at all, you'd know that after an hour, she's ready to stop for a snack anyway:)

So that's where we are in case you've been wondering when you'd stop seeing the same shows over and over! We promise we're working towards new ones for you. While you're waiting though, if you haven't ventured over to onepannan.com take a look over there to find some recipes and other videos. Nan has some cooking segments of her own and was even able to talk a few celebrities out of their secret one-pan dishes. She cooked with the likes of Linda Davis, Katie Armiger, Dot Shelton (Blake's mom), Canadian medium Jay Lane, Jamie O'Neal and even a bunch of our favorite firemen from right here in Nashville and it was all caught on camera!

One thing we all have in common right now is that we all gotta eat and you might find something that suits your palate that will feed the whole family too and as Nan likes to say will give you "more time at the table with family and less time over the sink with dirty dishes."

So, until we can all get back to living like we used to, please be safe out there and have faith, as we do, that we will get beyond this and life will return to normal. It may be a slightly different normal, but that's ok. We roll up our sleeves, work together to beat the odds and come out better, smarter, and stronger on the other side...that's what makes us all authentic Americans. Wishing you all good thoughts and good health always!

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