Season 2 Is Up and Running...or Rolling!

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

What a year 2020 has been, on so many fronts. I'm sure it's affected all of you out there as it has us, not to mention our personal health issues with Nan back in February. Fortunately, she's doing great and has little baby hairs growing back right across the top of her head! I have to say she's pretty amazing to have gone through what she did and be back on the bike already. I think I married up! We sincerely hope that this blog post finds you all on the positive side of this wild ride of a year as we edge our way into fall.

Circle, our network, decided it was time for us to hit the road and create some more episodes back in September and we started shooting last week. This season we'll be covering some great places in Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, and Florida from October through November. The shows won't air until the spring of 2021, but you can follow the process on our socials-just click on the icon links on the home page and of course we'll be adding pictures and news here at the website as we go.

We have some of the same great sponsors from last season, but also some new ones and I wanted to offer up a big thank you to these folks and tell you a little about them. Indian Motorcycles is our bike sponsor again this year and we couldn't be happier! Taylor Young at Indian up in Minnesota sent us these beautiful 2021 blue and maroon Scouts for the trip.

We love the Scouts, they're easy to ride, have a ton of power and they look like a motorcycle is supposed to, at least to me anyway. They're definitely fast and have a lot of torque with their 100 horse power, V-Twin engines. Kameron Amstutz, the owner of Music City Indian, where we pick up the bikes, claims you can get the front end off the ground, but my wheelie days are behind me I'm afraid...I'll leave that to the more adventurous riders! If you're interested in getting into riding, the Scouts are a good place to start for an easy-to-ride, maintenance-free machine that you'll never out grow...they'll just make you want another Indian!

We have two helmet sponsors this year! Big thanks to Ryan at Daytona Helmets and Bobby D. at Cycle gear! We're using both the Daytona Glide model and Cycle Gear's Bilt Evolution model. Both are full face/modular style helmets. We like these style helmets because the full face helps keep the wind noise out of the microphones and the modulars typically come with recessed ear pockets that accommodate speakers. 90% of the dialog you hear while we're riding is the real deal and for that we use the Sena SMH10 com system to talk to each other and record that audio with the ION helmet cameras using an additional mic. Also, since we're on the bikes for long periods, it helps to be able to raise the chin bar on a modular and get a little air. Both of these helmets have proven to be pretty darn comfy and either would be a solid choice if you're in the market for a new lid!

Our friends at Secret City Dodge, along with Bridgewater Place,

have set us up with this massive 1500 Big Horn Ram! We needed a truck that could tow the equipment trailer that's full of cameras, lights, luggage, extra bike parts, helmets and of course, the crew's golf clubs, because when there's a day off, those guys like to smack little white balls around.

This truck is really nice, has all the bells and whistles, including the back up camera which is helpful with hooking up and moving the trailer around. As standard as a parking break may seem to you, the parking break design on this truck is so cool- it's just the "flip of a switch" so to speak and you can hear it locking down, another good feature when you're parking a truck with a trailer attached. It's just an all around nice vehicle, plus my dad always drove Dodge trucks and he'd be jealous of this one, it's a long way from the old bench seat, column shift trucks he had back on the farm!

Draggin Jeans is on board again this year, thanks to Kris Growcott. Even though we can't really ride too fast when we're shooting, we still like to know that there's a layer of Kevlar protection under the jeans to help ward off road rash. The best thing about these Slim Comfort Fit jeans aside from the protection is exactly that, the comfort fit! They wear like your favorite jeans and fit in all the right places. Other riding jeans I've tried were too big here and too short there, etc. Draggin Jeans fit you right, right out of the box. Nan Loves them, says they fit her better than her everyday jeans and let me tell you, she's picky when it comes to how her clothes fit! They also come with pockets for CE rated knee and hip armor if you want to add a little extra insurance.

We also bring along a couple of Indian textile and mesh jackets for warmer weather and for colder temps, Nan wears her Joe Rocket Classic 92 jacket and I have a Merlin Elmhurst jacket. My Cortech Executive boots look better and better with use and Nan wears Street and Steel boots which have ankle guards as well as shifter toes. Check out Cycle Gear if your interested in some new riding gear, they have just about anything you could need!

Thanks for your time. We appreciate you being here and following the news ticker. We're really looking forward to season 2 and hope you'll follow along. We want to show you the things that make our country such a unique place filled with great people and we're off to a good start! So come along on this journey with us and hopefully we'll show you not just where to ride, but where the ride can take you! Wishing you all good thoughts always - CK

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