The Honda NC700X - My "Stuff" Hauler

No matter what kind of bike you ride, there’s a reason or two why you love it, right? Whether it’s got a lot of get-up-and-go, it’s smooth, it handles easily…you name it.

My bike first belonged to Charlie and he loved it. But then I wanted to move up in size from what I was riding at the time, a Honda CR500, about the same time Charlie moved up in size as well, so he gave me the NC. It has a really smooth ride, nimble handling and when you goose the throttle, it doesn’t sound or feel like it’s revving up the engine too much. I know, I know some bike are meant to run at higher rpms, but I hate to feel like I'm pushing it too hard. I'm more of a take it slow and see the sights kinda rider! So, with it's more of a cruiser feeling ride, comfortable seating position and bullet proof parallel twin engine, it’s a solid motorcycle. But, it has a secret that makes it even better! This thing has a "trunk"! That's right, it has a built in storage compartment where the gas tank is on most other motorcycles. It's large enough to hold a full- faced helmet and even more importantly for me, it'll hold the "Abyss"...that's what Charlie calls my purse, because he says it's so big things get lost in it!

We went motorcycle camping a few years ago in a state park and the trunk really added a lot of extra space, in addition to the saddle bags and the dry bag strapped to the luggage rack.

While Charlie was setting up the tent, I went to the park restaurant to pick up dinner. I was able to put 2 of those standard styrofoam to-go boxes, rolls, condiments and a couple bottles of water in the compartment—no problem. And like I mentioned, you can store a helmet in there so you don’t have to carry it with you or lock it on the bike. Plus, look at all the groceries it can hold!

Under the bag of chips are 4 cans of dog food, 2 large chocolate bars, my wallet, keys, glasses, an extra pair of gloves, a mask, and hand wipes and there was still room to spare!

If you’re in the market for a new bike and you’re someone like me whose purse is the size of a briefcase or you just want to bring your stuff with you, this is a great bike. Or if a motorcycle is your main vehicle back and forth to work and stopping at the store to pick up a few things for dinner has never been possible, take a look at the Honda NC700x. You'll have plenty of room for a couple steaks, a bottle of wine and hey guys...don't forget the flowers, too;)

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